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Book review:

"Brave Inked Emotions" is a soulful life experience of eminent Indian writers on how life taught them precious lessons in their emotional battles. This book is a collection of 31 short real-life stories of these authors who experienced a lot of trauma in their lives. Most women face trauma or depression at one or the other time but it is hard to reveal the in-depth wounds or pains. In this book, I found out relatable stories that each woman feels the battles or hurdles they have faced in their lives.

Each story begins with an inspirational quote and ends up giving a brief introduction of the author. Though each story is inspirational and reflects the stringent path they followed I liked:

💦 Life, Wheels and More

💦 A Teen's Healing Journey

💦 An Incident that shook my Soul 

💦 Taming my Anger

💦 Motherhood Taught Me This

This book highlights the spirit, the strength and the change that women are capable of. Their emotions, emotional intelligence and wellness make them the mirage of Goddess Durga who fought all the evil demons and evoked victory. 

The authors shared their hurdles during the post-natal depression, holocaust, toxic parents, and many more. A few of the questions or steps they shared:

💛Never give up your respect at any cost.

Respect is the ornament of any person but for women, it is the most preferential thing to be kept in mind while doing any work. Women need to take care of their respect in workplaces and prevent themselves from being victims of any sort of harassment.

💛 It is important to use social media carefully.

Social media has become a necessity of the generation of these days. But to be vigilant is also essential. As a lot of frauds and crimes are taking place you need to share that much content that is fine with you. 

💛Take time to bond with your partner

Your spouse may become your support system or your biggest weakness. So do have an empathetic relation especially when one is angry or going through tough times. It is important to be emotionally strong to deal with all your strifes and issues.

The authors have written in lucid language and narrated their tales guiding the readers to not make the same mistake. Most of the stories were deeply connected to me too. They guided how to deal with emotional rollercoasters, financial twists, spouse mood swings, learning to speak up, navigating loneliness and many more.

Overall, this book is a testament to their victory over hurdles or miseries they suffered. They indirectly guide that if they can win over their strifes then any woman can. They guide women to learn from their experiences and stand high evoking as a winner. 


Emotions are beautiful but are also very powerful. They can uplift us at one moment but can sink us really deep the very next. Every coming generation seems to be getting weaker and weaker in handling their emotions and it is heart-breaking to see so many succumbing to suicide or mental health failure. To us not only our emotions are extremely vital but also of our loved ones and each one of us devices his or her own techniques to fare better when thrown out of our comfort zone and I guess experience teaches us the most about how to secure our emotional wellness.

So here is a delve into 31 soulful life experiences of eminent Indian writers of how life taught them precious lessons on emotional strength which someone in a similar boat can use as a guiding light to deal better. You can read an unimaginable range of true stories here right from a young bride's exemplary resilience to a wheelchair-ridden young girl's biography. There's a counselor giving her heart and soul to her student and there's a destiny's chosen child stumbling and weaving back life at every step in life and many many more. They all will touch your soul like never before, giving you precious lessons on emotional wellness.

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  1. It's good to know that the book achieved its purpose of inspiring women to heal. The emotional jolts are also ways to overcome the challenges and you have captured that well in your review.

  2. Very crisp review. I'm glad that you highlighted the steps and questions. These are indeed food for thought.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "Brave Inked Emotions." It sounds like a deeply impactful anthology that not only offers personal tales of struggle and triumph but also serves as a beacon of hope and resilience. The emphasis on maintaining respect and using social media wisely are particularly relevant in today's context. It’s inspiring to see how these stories blend personal battles with universal truths, making the lessons accessible and empowering. This review certainly makes me want to dive into the book and explore each story’s unique journey and insights.

  4. The insights shared, like the importance of respecting oneself, being cautious on social media, and nurturing empathetic relationships, are invaluable lessons that resonate deeply with readers. These are not just stories; they're life lessons imparted through personal narratives, guiding us on how to navigate through life's emotional rollercoasters with grace and resilience.

  5. The 💛takeaways were my favorite part about your review because I probably missed those lessons in my reading, especially about taking time to bond with your partner. You made me look at the book and the chapters in a new light and perspective, so thank you and congratulations on a review well written 👌


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